Cascina Roccafranca

You are welcome!

Cascina Roccafranca is a social and cultural centre, focused on the citizens and designed for them in order to support participation and hospitality.

It opened on the 18th May 2007 and is now part of “Rete delle Case del Quartiere di Torino” – a network that links all of the eight Case del Quartiere in Turin.

Cascina is a 2,500m2 area where citizens can meet, do activities, make projects and share these moments with other people.

Cascina Roccafranca tries to satisfy the needs and the interests of very different age groups by offering them many chances of spending their free time, but also real opportunities to take part in their neighbourhood’s social life. They can build new relationships, rediscover the feeling of sharing ideas or projects and be an active part of their community.

Cascina Roccafranca is a multi-purpose social and cultural centre: it offers services, activities, gathering places, projects, ideas… and so much more.

Activities and services


A place where people can ask for any information and where we listen to their needs, free from any form of bureaucracy.


Several thematic help desks led by professionals offering free consultations.


Places that bring people together and promote sociality.


Playroom and childcare services for children ages 0 to 6.

G.A.S. (Ethical Purchasing Group)

G.A.S. is the acronym of “Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale”. It’s an ethical purchasing group made of people and families who buy products (fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, and so on) together from local farms and producers


Festivals, parties, events, cultural and recreational activities.


A large list of courses and workshops, organised in collaboration with local groups and associations.


You can rent some of our spaces for parties or various activities.


An opportunity to support your community by donating your time helping with our activities.

If you have ideas, projects, suggestions, or something you want to propose, here you will find…

Participatory planning meetings and places

Meetings about daily matters, places where people gather, share information and plan projects for the citizens together. These meetings and places can raise awareness and can also give the opportunity to share opinions about those themes (places like Consumo Consapevole and Spazio Donne, or projects like Leggermente, Mirafiori Quartieri Solidali and other multicultural and integration projects)

“Incubator” of ideas and projects

Cascina gives everyone the possibility to submit their ideas, wishes and proposals receiving support through the whole process of their realisation. This is a place where anyone can find advice, consultations and all the instruments to make ideas into concrete projects.

Associations area

Local groups and associations play an essential role at Cascina; actually, they’re the ones that bring all the projects, ideas and activities to Cascina.

Translation by Debora Fiore